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Birth Control in Andrews, TX

Birth control is about preventing unwanted pregnancy. Today, with so many methods of birth control available, there is really no reason that anyone should have to deal with an unwanted pregnancy. There are four categories of birth control methods: behaviors, devices, medications and procedures. Each of these offers you several options, ways to avoid pregnancy.


Abstention is the “gold standard” of birth control in this category. If you don’t put sperm in the vagina, you cannot get pregnant. For many people, this is easier said than done. You can also achieve birth control with alternative sexual practices, including withdrawal and rhythm methods, which are extremely unreliable, and outercourse, which includes sexual activity that does not involve vaginal intercourse or penetration.


Birth control devices include condoms, diaphragms, female condoms, cervical caps, birth control sponges, IUDs, birth control rings (NuvaRing®) and birth control implants such as Implanon® and Nexplanon®.


Birth control pills lead the list, which also includes spermicides, morning-after pills, birth control medication shots and patches.


The most common birth control procedures include tubal ligation, vasectomy, hysterectomy and Essure®, a minimally invasive surgical procedure that causes permanent, irreversible sterilization in women.

Should I See a Birth Control Specialist for Birth Control Options?

If you are sexually active and you don’t wish to get pregnant, you should discuss birth control options with your ob gyn. With so many new birth control methods available to fit your needs and your lifestyle, your ob gyn is your best source of current information. If you are experiencing symptoms related to your birth control method that concern you, talk to your doctor. In addition, if your birth control medication is about to expire, you may need a refill, and if you have decided you want to get pregnant, consult your ob gyn before stopping your current birth control method or medication.

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