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Contraception in Andrews, TX

Contraception is another term for birth control or fertility control. It’s the way women and couples avoid unwanted pregnancy. They can choose from among a wide variety of contraception methods, but they also need to understand that these methods also have widely varying degrees of effectiveness.

Of course, the most effective contraception method is complete sterilization. For men, this means a vasectomy. For women, it means hysterectomy, tubal ligation or a permanent sterilization procedure called Essure®. Essure is a small metal coil that your gynecologist inserts into the ends of your fallopian tubes. Once inserted, Essure induces fibrosis (formation of scar tissue) and blockage of the fallopian tubes within a few months. Essure has been FDA-approved since 2002. As an Essure recipient, you must use other contraception methods until your gynecologist performs a diagnostic hysterosalpingogram and reveals that your tubes are fully blocked and contraception has been achieved. For many women, Essure is an easier, more favorable option then hysterectomy or tubal ligation. Slightly less effective contraception methods include hormone-based pills, patches, rings and injections.

Still less effective methods include physical barriers such as condoms, which can also prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, plus diaphragms and sponges. The least effective contraception methods are spermicides and withdrawal by the male prior to ejaculation. The right contraception method for you is the one that best suits your personal needs and situation. As a gynecologist and ob gyn physician, Dr. Waddingham will be happy to advise you about your ob gyn treatment options to you can make the best decision for your needs. He welcome patients from Andrews TX, Goldsmith, Seminole, Lamesa, Midland, Odessa, Gardendale and nearby locations.

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